Friday, April 12, 2013

My trip to Penang

This was the first time i have friends from Sarawak coming down to Penang to tour aroud my home town... You should see how they engross with the food... hehe it was hillarious... i really had a great time being with them. Plus we have a great GPS aunty to guide us through... happy for yesterday...but today wasnt a great day everything just went upside down... maybe i am born with short term memory lost... then i can say goodbye to this world then...since its better that it is a burden to people for me to exist in their life and i cant meant what i say then so shall be i wont be... Love everyone that loves me so much and i apologies if i hurt and break your hearts. after this u wouldnt feel a single hurt coming from me... last hugs and kisses to everyone ...and till death really did do us apart...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spm result is coming...

yeah.. its like tml its d nightmare lo... swt... gona b really insomia go d.... seriously... i didnt do my best in spm... i guess.... and ... i just wana go form 6... if want oso.. i ok with going college but nid to b lots of money coming out from our pockets... lol... seriously... haha

i went minor surgery for my wisdom tooth... well. it came out well.. doc say i was fortunate cuz d wisdom tooth easily came of and no nid to cut d tooth into pieces.. abt next thursday i goin to take off d stitches d... wish me all d best =/i nid to suffer another time to take out diother wisdom tooth d

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1st day

Gong Xi GOng xi.. hehe... its Sunday~ and v went to church... after service.. v get angpao from d pastor hehe.. yeah! c c~~ wakakaka.. my mei wore ceongsam.. nice le... wakakaka

this is her with the christmas tree i and eunice mei set up last year... geng le... hehe

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

EVe cny.

Its EVE and i m free!!!! for the first time eve cny i m free so v all go to sunway carnival to celebrate.. hehe.. my God sis came to c us so she oso tag along... then went to sushi king to makan.. the food there as usual Japanese food my fav so absolutely nice...then v all order and my god jie pay all.. hehe nice le... but alot of ppl... seriously like uncountable... but d service was still good ....

then after that we came home and mum decided to bake cake so i oso make and v bake two types one irish coffee cake another is orange cake

Friday, February 26, 2010

b4 eve's chinese new year....

sorry yea i delay hehe.. btw. i gona tell all wad i did in cny and b4 cny...
b4 d eve v have a steamboat reunion with our relatives... and guess wad as usual... my family are very bising.. d whole steamboat sure got topic to talk .. lol.... geng ... oh! i 4get...v oso got bbq hehe.. u c d pix then u noe..

bbq i do d job.. hehe.. got curry meat, then black pepper, and taiwan sausages plus some steamboat stuff.. simply go bbq but it end up nice.. The best was d SOTONG.. hehe!!><

reunion is d best... really can share happiness with family especially if u do a steamboat dinner and bbq... XD

so my next post will b coming up~ stay tune~XP

Monday, February 22, 2010


so sry friends... i didnt update my blog... will do it sooner cuz
no.1 i am seriously lazy and bz..
no.2 i dun haf d time to download d pix
so hold on ya~~~
thx for all of ur patience.... ><

Monday, February 1, 2010

sigh... brain explodes.........

list of things to do:
1)friend ask me to teach her d song that nid to b play on friday in school usually..
no time go to her house... huhu
2)flash cards for malay in kindi not yet done laminating........
3) driving test.. failed 40/50... haf to retake...damn piss.
4) piano test in july.. gosh scales not perfect and piano pieces too....
5) after cny haf to teach a kid piano....
6) not yet find negaruku and state song for d kindi... (kids haf to learn.. wajib by d goverment= =)
7)blog is dead .. didnt post quite long.....
sry friends.. this is why i m so bz d whole time.. cant even go out kai kai... my free time is at nie but is for on9 with my VIP ppl... so sry><>